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Search Engine Optimisation

The digitised market’s favourite and most known service, SEO. Search engines are the gateway to reach prospective customers to find your product. We expedite through an in-depth keyword’s analysis of your brand by strategies and technical SEO support. We gather and work to drive traffic to your website and product by enhancing the brand presence on search engines. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, effective SEO research work brings in the business you look for. Our SEO experts would accelerate traffic, brand awareness, lead generation, conversion and reaching the final level of sales.

Pay Per Click

Unlike organic advertising - SEO which limits the brand reach, PPC or paid advertising is a rewarding way to boost the marketing process by bringing in the traffic to the website and rallying the leads. Our digital marketing team works upon the analysis by gauging the competitiveness of your online search market performance through deep competitor’s analysis data. At Ideas Add Media, we work on cost-effective services, and our strategy for digital marketing activities is to achieve increased website traffic with brand recognition and higher conversions with a significant ROI. Our paid advertising model is adapted to suit the clients’ budget by delivering the goal and results

Google Ads

Part of PPC marketing tactic to generate the inflow of traffic through Google AdWords. AdWords accelerate a brand performance faster than SEO. Google advertising strategy allows the brand to reach audiences that are interested in the product and/ or services the brand offers. For this process, we have to pay every time a visitor clicks the ad. With keyword planner and search term report, our digital marketing expert understands the missing pointers and gains an insight into the performance of the keywords and improves the volume data by generating new keyword ideas

Social Media Marketing

SMM amplifies brand visibility and performance. As the audience and customers continuously shift into different media platforms such as FB, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, it gives a perspective about the potential customers’ requirements. SMM is the best strategy to bring brand visibility reaching these prospective customers who are much more likely to convert by understanding their search behaviour query who expressed interest in a similar product and/ or service

Social Media Optimization

Common strategy used by businesses to maximise their online reach is SMO. It involves finding out about the well-performed content for the company on the social media sphere and by repeating and retargeting that procedure. Social Media Optimisation is principally used with social media as a catalyst to step up the company’s presence on those platforms. Gives more visibility and strength to the brand and a way to connect between brand and customers and vice versa. Our services identify the business and networking opportunities that add value to your brand by extending efforts of marketing activities

Email Marketing

one of the oldest online ways to connect with the customer is through email marketing. It’s the most popular method of marketing and nobody is unfamiliar with it; be it any kind of business email marketing is widely used which is costs less compared with social media marketing channels. Our experts personalise the content for the customers to have an emotional connection with them. During the marketing activities, we filter the audience by individualising the content based on the product, demographic segmentation of the audience depending on their needs. We also send out feedback, survey forms to understand and making an engagement process for improving leads, & sales and generating more traffic to add value to the brand.

Mobile Marketing

Technology & Digitisation have given an easy way to connect with potential customers. It opens a window to reach out to the customers and provides ease by giving discounts and offers directly. We assist by reaching out the prospective customers with a strong plan of multi-marketing channel services utilising audience data for the potential searchers of a similar product and/ or services. Our strategy is a direct, accessible, cost-effective and personalised marketing way through which we also easy to track the results and to get a clear understanding of the buying behaviour and loyal customers

Youtube Marketing

YouTube platform isn’t just for entertainment purpose; it is a strong suit for marketing a brand. Other than Facebook, Instagram etc., video ads are promoted mainly through the YouTube sphere as it is the second largest search engine for internet users. It improves the brand presence and brand visibility. Our way to market is to strategise the brand necessities and segment them into a specific market. Online banner ad space is bought for the client with their budget and duration of the marketing plan. The main reason for using YouTube as a marketing tool is as it gives scope to captures audience attention, a new audience, brand value and reaches

Content Marketing

As one of the most effective methods of growing audience engagement, developing your brand presence, and driving sales, content marketing is a mission-critical growth method for most businesses. Content marketing doesn’t just open up a conversation with your audience. It also keeps that conversation fresh, helpful and engaging over time. Great content marketing is not fleeting and transactional, but rather leads to engagement and relationship-building. Most of all, it keeps the conversation wanted. Content marketing doesn’t interrupt the user from their activity — it’s a welcome extension of it.

Lead Generation

It’s a process of attracting prospects and converting them into interested customer for the company’s products and services. Attending to the target audience only through lead generation can ensure that your brand is ideally matched with the right customers. It shows the right customer whom to target, increases awareness, an opportunity to collect prospects information and boosts brand loyalty with a connection to the customer

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

It is considered to be an effective and best marketing medium to reach the target market space and customers. Digital ad post and/ or banners are targeted by consumer behaviour and actions. They are unavoidable, engaging, interactive and contextual with great exposure for a brand. A lot of purchase decisions are made with the persuasion of DOOH ads

Digital Videos

Creating a video ad that supports a product/ brand can deepen the relationship with potential consumers. The most important factor of a video ad is the duration and engaging point. With great engaging campaigns, brands see good results in the boost of conversions and sales, great ROI, brand connection and trust also encourages customers & potential customers to share the video ads on their social media accounts