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Unlike organic advertising – SEO which limits the brand reach, PPC or paid advertising is a rewarding way to boost the marketing process by bringing in the traffic to the website and rallying the leads. Our digital marketing team works upon the analysis by gauging the competitiveness of your online search market performance through deep competitor’s analysis data. At Ideas Add Media, we work on cost-effective services, and our strategy for digital marketing activities is to achieve increased website traffic with brand recognition and higher conversions with a significant ROI. Our paid advertising model is adapted to suit the clients’ budget by delivering the goal and results. 

This service is one of the active ways to target the relevant and qualified audience, while they are searching for your business/ product or service on the internet. PPC, abbreviated for Pay Per Click, indicated that you have to pay for every single click you get for the quick leads. As a trusted PPC advertising agency, we offer a top-notching PPC service in the country at the best price.



Pay Per Click Ads are displayed to grab the attention of the customers who are in a desire to hunt for the medium that can serve their needs. So, while the business flashes before them during the needs, you could be the one to help them. The most essential service behind PPC is to advertise a business on Google to drive quick sales and leads to grow the business. 

  • PPC Services are cost-effective:

For suppose, running a marketing campaign through print medium cannot be measurable in terms of tracking the effectiveness of the newspaper ad but have to make the payment for the advertisement.

In PPC ads, one needs to pay when a visitor clicks on the ad in search results and can check the traffic and ROI very easily. On the Google ads dashboard, the benefits of PPC services and the PPC management can make it more beneficial for the client with an intact marketing plan. 


  • Payment only when they click:

Usually, the payment for any ads are made to get the impressions but in PPC ads, you only need to pay when the visitors click on the Google ads results in Google search results that can redirect to the website or landing page.

Most of the marketing campaigns use CPM i.e., Cost Per Impression but PPC models are based on CPC which is Cost Per Click, making these ads more cost effective. 


  • Easy Management with Fast Results:

PPC Ads offer full control and can be used whenever required. This is the most wanted feature in any marketing campaign we want to have. There are two ways to gain clicks from the visitors from search results. As SEO results take a longer time, it is always best to opt for the PPC services.


  • Remarketing the Campaigns:

A right PPC marketing agency can track every single visitor on the landing page and can get from PPC advertising campaigns. Later, showing the ads to them with better offers and promotions increases the chances of conversions with remarketing ads.